What is a Sales Funnel and How to Build an Effective One

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This article explores the methodology and technologies of sales funnels — the fastest and the easiest way to promote, market, and deliver your products or services online. You’ll find this article helpful when you have an idea for an internet business and you’re searching for a solution to put it quickly into action.

What is a sales funnel?

The thought of a sales funnel dates back to 1898 when E. St. Elmo Lewis developed a purchase funnel, or buying funnel — a marketing model which illustrates the theoretical consumer journey from the moment of attracting clients towards the purchase of a service or product.

Since then, it’s been given different names (i.e. purchase funnel, sales funnel, marketing funnel, conversion funnel) but the version remains the same, Meaning it’s:

  • Universal: it can be applied to virtually any company in any industry
  • classic : times change but the idea stays relevant

In ecommerce, for instance, we use the term conversion funnel to describe the customer travel from the awareness stage (usually by driving traffic to a website through paid advertising in search engines and social media) to the conversion phase, when a site visitor becomes a customer.

You might also call it a business funnel, because it allows you to go into business and sell pretty much anything from a physical product, through an ebook, to an internet course.

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Why do you want a sales funnel?

As a company owner or a marketer, you know how complicated the sales process might be. A journey from prospect to a satisfied customer might be a long and difficult one. And paradoxically, the constantly rising number of marketing tools will not help you start selling immediately.

That’s exactly why you will need a sales funnel. It offers you a simple roadmap to earnings. It helps you concentrate on the most significant stages of online sales: lead generation, lead nurturing, and earnings. With a sales funnel, you can start making money quickly and optimize business processes as you go.

How does a sales funnel operate?

The objective of a sales funnel is pretty much self-explanatory — it drives sales. Whatever it is that you do, the sales funnel is there to help you get more business. The sales funnel model represents the consumer journey as a series of stages.

What are the phases of a sales funnel?

The original purchase funnel has 4 key stages:

Awareness — when potential customers know your product or service.

Interest — when they actively express an interest in what you have to give.

Desire — when they know that your product or service is the perfect fit to their requirements.

Action — the moment of purchase.

As your business develops and leans more towards recurring purchases, you can expand your funnel by adding additional phases.

The more complex version of the funnel might look like this:

Awareness — when potential customers become aware of your product or service.

Interest — when they knowingly express an interest in what you have to offer.

Evaluation — when prospects analyze competitors’ solutions and compare their offers against yours.

Conclusion — when your offer is shortlisted and it’s time for some negotiation prior to the final decision is reached.

Purchase — the moment of purchase, when a prospect becomes a customer.

Reevaluation — customer has been using your product for a while. Every now and then they may search for different solutions that will meet their needs. (ideally, should they’re satisfied with your product or service, they won’t feel the need to try to find a different solution).

Repurchase — if a client repurchases your product or service.

You need to use the individual stages of the funnel as a blueprint for your marketing and sales communication. Monitor the results and optimize your actions to drive more sales in less time.

Here’s a short video from Ian Cleary from RazorSocial that can allow you to realize the different stages of a sales funnel and how they will impact your business.

The sales funnel version + technology = Autofunnel

What happens when you apply powerful technology to a solid marketing model? Yes, you’re right! You end up with an ultimate selling machine — Autofunnel.

Send visitors straight to your sales page with the quick sales funnel, or nurture new contacts with automated emails before presenting your offer together with the full sales funnel.

What are the key elements of a sales funnel?

Usually, when you think about a sales funnel you think of combining different tools for different individual functions: an ecommerce platform, landing page creator, email marketing software, webinar solution, social media programs, etc. to set up a sales process.

In cases like this, your job isn’t only to plan an internet business plan, but also to carry out an in-depth research of the available tools and integrating them so they bring you positive results.

Luckily, it’s so much simpler with Autofunnel. You actually have 2 sales funnels to pick from.

Quick sales funnel

A very simple funnel that consists of two elements:

  • a sales page

With a sales page you can customize the order form and promote leads to buy your goods. The order form is a place where your prospects can see all the goods they’re buying and how much they’ll pay.

sales page templates.

Autofunnel sales page templates grouped by the item type

  • a confirmation page

The confirmation page shows your customers the order summary, a download link, or contact details. Your customers also receive an automatic confirmation email, where you can say thanks and affirm the purchase.

Build your quick sales funnel”

Total sales funnel

Sales funnel concentrates on the practice of collecting leads and finalizing the sales process. Use it to find potential buyers, sell and promote products online, and increase sales outcomes.

The full sales funnel is composed of the following elements:

  • A signup page having an exit popup form

It’s a landing page where you can collect leads by inviting them to sign up to your list. You can tell them what they’ll get in return for their signup. You can even offer a freebie to get more signups. This page has an inline form and an exit pop up form (seems when someone attempts to exit the page).

  • a followup email

A message that’s sent to your subscribers as an instant, automatic reply message. A series of these are often called, drip campaigns.

  • a sales page

It’s a page where you can turn leads into customers. You can design a webpage to market products and encourage potential customers to get them. When they choose a product on the sales page, they’ll get to the order page where they can complete the purchase.

  • an order form

The order form is the area where your leads can see all the goods they’re purchasing and how much they will cover.

  • an abandoned cart email

It’s an email sent to your customers when they don’t complete their purchase. This email reminds them about the goods left in the cart, including their name, cost, and the URL. It’s among the most significant kinds of automated emails which has a direct effect on your conversion rates.

  • a confirmation page

It’s the page where your clients can view their order summary, a download link and other contact details.

  • a confirmation email

After making a purchase, your customers will find a confirmation email. There’ll be a clickable button there. When your customers click on it, they’ll see their order summary.

Sales funnel sequence.

The components of the GetResponse sales funnel

Construct your full sales funnel”

How to create a sales funnel?

Building a sales funnel is easy. You may use the Autofunnel creator, choose your favourite designs from the existing templates, and customize them with just a few clicks.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to create a fast sales funnel

And if you want to see how to create a complete sales funnel, then here’s a walkthrough video:

Here is another video from Ian Cleary from RazorSocial where he shows how to bridge the gap between marketing and technology with a sales funnel. For the purpose of this presentation, he’s building a full sales funnel for a photography program.

Build your initial sales funnel”

How to handle a sales funnel?

You can manage (edit, add, or delete) all the elements of your sales funnel in the funnel view.

GetResponse Autofunnel.

An example of a complete sales funnel

How to measure sales funnel benefits?

Autofunnel allows you to monitor your company in real time. Your sales funnel results are displayed dynamically in the funnel view. In order to confirm the ROI, you just have to log into your account.

Build your own sales funnel “

What is a Sales Funnel and How to Build an Effective One.

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