No oil in this one, bub…

If you are just starting out I’m sure you have seen all sorts of talk about sales funnels. If you start you’d affiliate marketing journey as we have described here you will likely be promoting products that already have a funnel mechanism built in.

For example you may find an offer on JVzoo and after being approved to promote it and start earning commissions,you read over their sales offers.

You’ll likely see something about the offer itself, usually at a low entry price. Let’s say it’s $X. You’ll then see, perhaps, some OTOs listed. This stands for one time offers. Those may be additional freature x to the original product, like if you sell an ebook in the first phase, the first OTO may be an upsell to the same content in video format. That might be extra $Y on top of the original $X.

That upsell mechanism is key to the success if products and to you as an affiliate. Those who have already decided to purchase are more willing to purchase a better offer at a higher price than had you just offered then the videos to begin with. You are literally funneling people through a chain of sale options yo try to sell them on the higher priced pieces of the offer.

Some sales funnels also do something clever. Imagine this scenario. The user buys the inexpensive ebook at $5. The funnel takes them to the $10 video up-sale. If they choose to upgrade the funnel can take then to s third option, perhaps a one on one training call for $100. Here’s the key. If they opt not to buy the video training they will never see the one on one call offer.

What the product owner may do us if the user says no I just want the $5 ebook and passes on the $20 video course,you send them to a different video course offer page and say do something like “ok bud we see you didn’t want the video training upgrade she $10 bug because it’s so good and hoes so well with the eBook you just bought. What I’ve we give you the video course for $5, too? “

To the buyer, it seems like they just got a great deal. To the seller, they made a $5 book sale for sure and gave two ways for the user to upgrade…one that they would have profited an additional $10 and another they may have profited an additional $5. In either case, it’s a $5 to $10 increase over just the eBook and if the buyer chose the second option, you still made the sale AND an up-sale. If they do but the $5 “but it’s so good we’ll give you a better price” version, you can still take them to the final step in the funnel, the $100 one on one training offer.

You see, the sales funnels are called that because they work just like funnels in real life. There’s a broad entry point that might be valuable to a large range of visitors, and as they travel deeper into the funnel, less and less will reach the end but every step of the way is an opportunity for another sale/up-sale/commission for you.

Sample Sales Funnel

Here is a sample sales funnel for you to review. Keep in mind that funnels change and can be altered depending on your need, you product, and your customers. This is meant to be a visual demonstration of the path a visitor can take to get to your offer. While this may look a bit complicated, it is only because all of the steps are broken out one by one. The overall process is pretty straight forward. Advertise to get traffic to your landing page and opt in using some form of magnet. Provide value to the people who opt in, and then pitch them the affiliate offer with the potential for up-sell and down-sell. And finally, thank them.

If you intend to create and sell your own products such as ebooks, video training, or other products and services, you are absolutely going to NEED funnel software. Don’t get me wrong, you can manually build sales funnels in your WordPress site with some time on your side but why reinvent the wheel?

There are several huge players in the sales funnel space you can consider checking out. But the absolute cream of the crop at the moment is This tool is so powerful that it has something for everyone, not just people looking to get into affiliate marketing. The value of this tool is really unmeasurable. Plus, the creator of the tool also has some fantastic free books I’ll embed here as well as a bunch of various training series for you to explore.

Click here and you’ll get a 14-day FREE trial to check it out. ClickFunnels is just flat out amazing and a very powerful tool for Affiliate Marketers. Make sure to add ClickFunnels to your Profits Kit and you’ll be completely ready to roll!

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