There are a few other ways you can try to get traffic to your website and affiliate offers. While these may not be the most effective, it’s worth mentioning here so you can do your own research on it, like everything we’ve already covered in the courses.

I use two sites that allow me to send emails every few days to a certain number of people on their subscriber list. In turn, I receive emails from other members of the site who are promoting their products, services, or affiliate offers. For each email I open, I earn send credits that I can spend on sending emails.

ListJoe and Bweeble

The two sites I am speaking of are ListJoe and Bweeble. With these sites, you can create a free account and mail between 1000 and 2000 every 3-5 days, depending on which service we’re talking about. Each mail costs credits and you accumulate credits by reading emails from other members of the list. Both systems save your previously sent messages so you can easily “reload” them and send again at a future date, and both also offer some analytics about the emails you send from their websites.

The quality of clicks you’ll get from these services seems to drastically vary. In some cases, your offer may appeal very much to folks receiving the messages and you’ll end up with a high click through rate. Other messages, though, may have incredibly low numbers. Considering both sites are free to use, you really won’t be out any money by trying them out and seeing how they work for you and your affiliate products.


The next site you can check out is called MyLeadGenSecret. This site is a bit different. First, they charge a $30 setup fee to create your account and then they make you pre-pay $30 for the first month of access. It’s $30 each month you maintain your membership.

How this site works is that not only do they let you email people from right within their system, but they also give you 100 leads a day. These are leads you can download and add to your own autoresponder or offer mailing software. And since you bought the leads, they are yours to keep and use even if you decide to cancel your membership.

If my math is right, at 30 days in a month and 100 leads per day, a one-month membership to this site will get you a total of 3000 people on your list. Those are not bad numbers!

Now I can’t vouch for the quality of the leads you’ll get from this operation, but I can tell you of the days I have had in their system, I am indeed getting 100 leads a day. Usually, there are a couple that end up on a bounce list or turn out to be bogus, but a vast majority of the email addresses actually work. Plus you not only get the person’s email, but their name, city, state, country, IP, and the date in which they opted into receiving emails.

Here are some results from a 200 email campaign I sent out. As you can see, 192 messages went out, about 1% opened, a few % bounced, and one person complained that the message was spam. You can analyze these numbers yourself and determine if this is the right sort of solution for you. As of writing, I have not made any affiliate sales from using these leads, but to be fair, I’m only 3 days in and one message sent so take that for what it’s worth.

It may be worth your time to explore this as an option but make sure you really do perform your own research before spending your money. If you would like to check them out, you can click here for a link to open in a new window.