Welcome Emails Work

Source: https://blog.indiemark.com/2018/07/17/welcome-emails-work/

Emails that are welcome are sent by tons of brands, and this is email marketing, while some are better than others. Here’s why.

Well-done welcome mails get the relationship off to a fantastic start by reiterating the claims made during signup reminding subscribers they signed up to begin with, and getting subscribers into the habit of seeing mails in their inbox.

Here are three ways to work your welcome mails: 

  1. Boost your deliverability: Your initial welcome email is a superb time to ask to be added to their address books to ensure your emails make it in their inboxes. All you will need to do is include a tiny text reminding them if they don’t see your emails they won’t receive your content.
  2. Request (or glean) more info: At signup isn’t the time to ask for more than the basics of name and email address, right? Studies show that the more information you ask for at signup, the fewer signups you will get. Use your email to ask to find out more via a very brief survey or build up customer profiles by monitoring email and on-site behaviors.
  3. Get them comfortable with your brand: Rather than treat your welcome email like a one-time, there-I’ve-sent-it-and-now-I’m-done kind of email, make it the beginning of a series. Now, wait. I don’t mean the start of your marketing messages. I mean the beginning of a getting-to-know you show. Your email could be the first in a series of emails that educates the contributor about your business or brand a little at a time. It could be a set of useful tips. It could be a series describing how your gizmos to shop for a CRM system or work. The possibilities are practically endless, but the point isn’t to use your welcome email as the jumping off point for all the”purchase now” emails you wish to send, but instead the start of a warm-up period.

And when you’re workin’ your welcomes, also remember to apply some commonsense best practices

  • To start, invest some serious time and effort into the creation of your welcome emails. Test time, offers and your subject lines, and refine all of the above in pursuit of the welcome email that is most effective you can manage. This is a really important part of your email marketing program, not something you just check off your list as”done.”
  • As you go along, keep your eye on the analytics: How well does your welcome email (or show ) perform? Are there variations? Welcome emails delivered on those as well as Sundays. Fix your program. Pay attention to fluctuations too. If you’re seeing a trend upward or downward, then maybe it’s time to…
  • Regularly review your articles: Although set-it-and-forget-it emails save time and effort in the long term, they need to be reviewed on a regular basis to be certain they’re still on brand and present.

You are off to a fantastic start if you are sending out emails that are welcome to subscribers. Let’s work those welcomes to get results and take those emails that are ancient to the next level!