Webinar Best Practices: How to Make Money with Your Next Webinar

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Webinar Best Practices

Whether you are doing ones that are spontaneous or routine webinars, they can be a great way to train clients or prospects and answer any of their potential questions. Webinars are also a wonderful way to educate prospects resulting in more sales. You can have a webinar idea and even encourage it well but if you are doing constant webinars, chances are you’ve seen a few of these flop.

How can you drive visitors to your webinar? Here at BombBomb, we promote our webinars using a different strategies – including social media, emails, movie and much more! Once we connect with our clients we see a whole lot of success.

Why hold a webinar?

Before we dig into the best ways to setup and encourage your training, it’s important to understand the purpose of your webinar. Normally, webinars are enlightening and they help prospects or your clients understand more about your product or services.

The objective of a webinar is to nurture your clients through instruction (which helps with retention and, in turn, saves you money). Another goal could be to sell your services or products through education. Webinars are a great way to answer any questions from the clients or prospects. It saves you from having to answer people. The target is to lessen the questions people have, as well as the doubts that they may have about your product.

Follow the steps below and start effectively boosting your webinars! We suggest using BombBomb for any webinar emails you send – get started with BombBomb now .

Send Strategic Emails to Gain More Webinar Registrants & Clients

So as soon as you’ve nailed down all the other details, date, time and a webinar topic, it is time think through mails.

Webinar Announcement Email

Start by creating an email to announce your webinar. We suggest sending your statement email one week out. Include a movie in your email, if you are really wanting to impress your recipients and connect together. Explain what and the webinar individuals can expect to get out of it. Tell people about the value that you’ll be providing. Include time and the date.

Click below to watch a good instance of a webinar announcement video.

Don’t forget to include details in the email’s text as well, for people who would skim text quite fast. Let people know that in your email if you’re planning to split the webinar recording . One of our most frequently asked questions around webinars is”Will there be a recording I will watch later? I’m busy during the webinar time.” Make sure to address this. If you’re planning to do the webinar again you can also inform your database.

Thank You Email

As you set up your webinar, it is important to plan out a”Thank you for registering” video that will go out to everyone who registers. This shows your appreciation. You may want to plan a simple way to have this email, if you anticipate a large turnout. When using a service like Zoom, you’ll have a list of everyone who registers for the webinar. Each day you send out a bulk BombBomb email with a thank you video and can export these mails.

Click below to see our generic Thank You Video example. Be personal and real so people can connect with you.

If you plan to have a smaller turnout for the webinar (30 people or less), we propose sending private one-to-one videos to every individual who registers. Record a quick BombBomb video on your phone or on your PC. Address them by name! It doesn’t have to be over 15 seconds.

Webinar Reminder Email

As soon as you’re closer to the day of the webinar, you should send a reminder email to your recipients. We propose excluding them from this send and pulling on the list people who have already enrolled for the webinar.

Similar to your email send, be sure that you include the webinar details from the text of the email. You may keep this email straight and straightforward to the point.

Webinar Follow Up Email

After the webinar has finished, send out an email that addresses a couple of distinct things. You can simply thank everybody for attending another thank you video. Any major questions which came up could be re-answered by you and share any resources that you couldn’t share during the webinar. You might send out the webinar recording to all the attendees.

If you host your webinar in Zoom, there is an option to have the webinar recorded and saved. Make certain that you choose that option when creating your webinar. The recording is great for men and women that could not attend, could only attend the webinar, or for men and women who wanted to rewatch a specific area of the webinar.

Utilize Social Media to Spread the Word About Your Webinar

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
Once you’re about one week out from your webinar, it’s time to get the word out on your social media channels. We suggest recording a more promo video for Facebook and LinkedIn. You can use your desktop camera and make sure the lighting is good!

Utilize a platform like Canva to make a picture for your webinar also. By using both a video and a graphic, you can post a few times on Facebook or Instagram leading up to the webinar. Don’t forget to promote the webinar in your Instagram Story as well. Do a phone video explaining the webinar and invite your followers to join. Throw the webinar link in your Instagram bio so it is simple for people to catch.

If you have specific people you wish to invite but you don’t have their email, send them a one-to-one video in LinkedIn Messages or Facebook Messenger. Be sure to include the webinar link.

Facebook Ads
If you are Facebook Savvy, we propose doing a Facebook ad around your webinar. You could just boost your FB post about the webinar. We recommend putting around $15-30 behind your ad or boosted post per day – unless you have a larger budget for this. Try to target men and women in your area who would be interested in your product or services.

FB Webinar Ad Example

If that is a webinar that is related to individuals outside your database, you may even upload the recording to YouTube. Make certain to title the movie something that people would google or search. Keep your eye on the video and respond to any comments you get.

Keep Your Website Updated with Webinar Info

Keep you page updated with upcoming webinar information if you do webinars. You can use a promo or graphic video, and provide general details as well as the date and time to text. Include a link to where people can register. If your videos are available on youtube, include a link where people can see your past webinars. Pro Tip: Embedding videos from YouTube helps your SEO!

When you’ve got a great webinar recording, you could also easily use it as content that is gated in order to collect emails. BombBomb allows you to create. You can ask for customer information and when they fill out the form, you can set it up so that they receive the webinar recording and personal video from you! Share the kind link out on your website and social networking.

Here are some webinar page illustrations to inspire you: 20 Webinar Landing Page Examples That Get Maximum Results

Here is an example.

Webinar Form

Determine Your Call-to-Action for the Webinar

1 key to making sure you get the most from your webinars is to end it. This is a CTA that you’ll mention at the end of the webinar and in the emails you send out after the webinar. Think through what action you want the webinar viewers to take. This may look different depending on who you are speaking to.

The training is based around that and if you are offering a new service or product, you will want a CTA that encourages the webinar attendees consider or to purchase the product/service. Here’s a CTA we used after a recent webinar:

“Thank you so much for learning about our Inbox application that is new and for being a BombBomb customer. If you harbor ’ t already, please follow the links in the chat to download our Inbox app that is new. ”

If your webinar was geared towards individuals who are not using your services or merchandise, the CTA may request purchases or signups. Also keep in mind that the CTA can be for referrals. If current customers are being educated by you ask them to pass the information along to anyone who’d be interested.

Here are some tips to inspire you as you decide on a CTA: 4 Tips for Creating an Irresistible Call-to-Action for Your Webinar

Personally Interact with Your Registrants Before & After the Webinar

People will be more inclined once you connect with them to attend your webinars. If you receive any emails make certain to respond. Answer any of the questions and let them know that you are excited for them to attend the webinar. Thank folks if you get feedback after the webinar and show your appreciation.

Like, your prospects and customers want to work with someone they know and trust. During your training, before your webinar and after your webinar, consider how you can help people get you know you better. Show off your personality. Do not air on the side of so professional that individuals and you can not connect as an individual. Here at BombBomb, we LOVE using video to help the like, know and trust process. When you send videos instead of plaintext. People will get to know you even faster.

In this post we discussed ways that forms and video email can help you best promote your next webinar. BombBomb, a email platform, can assist you with both of these steps. Sign up for a two week free trial with no obligation.