Uncovering the Metrics Behind an Award-Winning Email

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Every interaction with your subscribers counts. Send emails that your subscribers want, that are relevant to their needs and interests, that excite them, and (most importantly!) That make them want to do it.

Efforts that accomplish all the above not only win the hearts and minds of your clients, they re a win for your organization. And we’re particularly proud of a single campaign in particular that also won an award: the 2016 EEC Email Marketing Program Award for”Best or Most Innovative Integration with Another Channel.”

That campaign was our save the date email for TEDC15 (The Mail Design Conference).

What surprised us? This campaign wasn’t a success because it clicks or had the most opens. It had lower open and click rates compared to our other emails.

But opens and clicks wasn’t our goal. The in the effort asked our readers to tweet–and, boy, did we get a good deal of tweets! It hastens its aims of creating buzz around the conference and driving awareness, and we are thankful and humbled to have won an award in recognition of those efforts!

A look at the effort

The goals

After embedding a video background into TEDC14’s”save the date,” we’d put high expectations with the community to get a follow-up in 2015. As such, the campaign’s purpose was to surprise, delight, and inspire our audience with a use of email leveraging.

By utilizing innovative techniques prove that we have the experience and skills to teach others and we wanted to demonstrate thought leadership. Drive social mentions additional goals were to raise awareness and excitement about the event, and create anticipation for ticket sales.

The email

After many brainstorming sessions, we opted to announce dates and create excitement for TEDC15 by embedding an innovative live Twitter feed inside an email.


You may watch the full email on your browser, or check out the Litmus test results to find out how it displayed in 40+ email customers.

“Save the date” mails were sent to Litmus subscribers and previous attendees. Each contained a dynamic Twitter feed. As recipients opened the email tweets appeared inside the email. Subscribers tweeted using the hashtag, then returned to see their message appear live in the flow within the email.

Measuring success: What metrics matter?

The campaign garnered attention, resulting in visitors to the Litmus site , 1,000 new prospects, and 750 tweets all within 24 hours.

Thus far, it’s garnered nearly 1,260 forwards and 350 prints. More than 60% of the people that opened the email spent more or 18 seconds reading the message, the duration of engagement of any email we sent.

When we launched ticket sales a few weeks later, early bird tickets sold out in 10 minutes to the Boston event and 48 hours for the London event.

The campaign continues to drive engagement and email as users contribute to the Twitter flow and re-visit the email despite being sent nearly a year ago.

This campaign’s objective was to create hype and awareness for the event — and between early bird tickets selling in moments, and the countless tweets, forward, and prints, we chocked up it as a success.

What is your most successful campaign?

Many entrepreneurs focus on click and open rates. They don’t paint the picture of a campaign’s performance when mails have different goals while those metrics can be a way to measure engagement.

What’s been your campaign? How did you measure its success?

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