Top 3 Ways to Drive Sales After Cyber Weekend

Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw shoppers to score the best deals from their favorite retailers. But once these shopping days are over, affiliates still have 28 more days to encourage sales before December 25th.

By partnering with merchants that embrace omni-channel shopping, affiliates can keep the shopping momentum going.

Select retailers with online pickup in store programs

Shoppers are concerned about getting their item on time for the holidays and at the best price. Retailers who offer pickup in store programs allow consumers to save time and avoid shipping fees. Consumers are able to purchase the product in the convenience of their home and easily have the product in their hands. Consumers can still shop online on December 23 and 24 and pick up their products in time for the holiday, beyond the shipping cut-offs. With long holiday lists, consumers are able to save money with online pickup.

Browse your list of Merchants and make sure you know all the different shipping options offered. Whether it be ship to store or pick up same day, informing your readers of saving time and money will push them to shop your products.

Emphasize shipping deadlines

Another consideration during holiday shopping is  shipping cut off dates. Nothing is worse than a gift being delivered to a loved one after Christmas. Stress to your reader the importance of purchasing their gifts now instead of later. Review your Merchants shipping deadlines and communicate it to your audience to attract last minute holiday shoppers. Be sure to share shipping information not only on your site but on your social channels as well. Create the sense of urgency to capture your readers’ holiday spend.

Promote purchasing products on the go with a retailer’s mobile app

During the holiday season, not everyone is able to use their computer and online shop. However almost everyone owns a smart phone and can make purchases while on the go. Mobile apps offer consumers the promise of convenience. According to a Salesforce report, Christmas Day 2017 saw the greatest peak in mobile shopping with 68% of traffic and 50% orders coming from a smart phone.

Promoting products from retailers with a mobile app allows your readers to easily purchase items by clicking your affiliates links and being directed to the mobile app for a user-friendly checkout.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically the heaviest shopping days, affiliates can keep the shopping momentum with additional effort.




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