Real World Website Case Study

Steve found a great affiliate offer he wants to promote. It has a super high gravity and he knows from a previous experience that a solo ad from a particular seller can generate a lot of sales for him.

But last time Steve bought the solo ad and sent everyone to the offer directly. He knows he made 9 sales from 150 solo ad impressions but has no idea who they are or how to reach them again for this very similar product those same people are likely to buy.

He did not set up a capture page using the form builder in an autoresponders because the dork flat out didn’t follow step module 1 of the training. (Hint, hint, there’s a reason I am teaching you this stuff in a specific order, my friends!).

This time Steve is better prepared. He set up a free account with the autoresponders and built a very nice landing page with some details about the affiliate offer. This time he’s asking for a first name, email address, and is giving visitors who fill out the form a free eBook that the affiliate partner provides to the marketers.

In order to do this, he is using his WordPress site to paste his autoresponder lead capture form into a page. With this setup, he will now use his link tracker to create a link to www. offer.

So now Steve has several avenues to user data. He has Google Analytics installed on his site and can see the visitor paths through his pages. His link tracker will track user clicks to his offer, and his freebie capture page with the eBook offer will gather user emails for his list. The end result is the same experience for the visitor. They get the free eBook and see Steve’s offer but now Steve has information and a growing list of emails of interested people!