Real World Auto Responder Use Case

Sally has started building a list on her Yoga Site,, using an exit pop-up form.  Each time a new person visits the site and joins her list, she gets a notification on her iPhone. Sally then manually writes a welcome email to the user and sends it.  

Email 1, the Welcome

After about 10 of these, she decides it would probably be an idea to just save the email as a Notepad file and when a new person joins the list, just copy and paste the content of the message, changing just the “Hi [user’s name]” portion manually.

Email 2, the warm up

After 3 days, Sally manually creates another email for the first person who joined her list and sends them a free eBook offer on Yoga and after the user downloads the eBook, it takes them to a ClickBank offer for a Yoga Video sales page where she’ll earn 10% on sign-ups.

Since Sally’s list has grown to 20 people now, she has to maintain a spreadsheet of who she has sent the yoga eBook email to already, and who she hasn’t.

Email 3, the sale/membership

Her 3rd email to her users, which she wants to send 7 days after their initial sign-up to her list, Sally wants to send them a reminder that there is a membership area on the LoveYoga.Today website that gives paying subscribers access to exclusive eBooks and videos.  Again, she goes back to her spreadsheet, manually emails people who are already got the welcome note, the second email about the ClickBank sign-up, and are now ready for the membership up-sale. She doesn’t want to accidentally send someone the 3rd email before they receive the “warm up” free eBook, nor does she want to send them the membership message before they get the initial welcome message.

Why you need an autoresponder

As you can see, in this simple scenario, even a small list of subscribers and a minimal sequence of desired events can quickly become a nightmare to manage.  This is exactly where auto-responders save the day.

With an auto-responder, Sally can pre-build all 3 of the messages in the system, space them accordingly over a period of days, and ensure that once a member signs up, they’ll follow a specific workflow to get all 3 messages in the order Sally wants, when she wants them delivered.

Autoresponders save time

Time IS money. As you grow your list, you can easily create workflows specific to product offerings. Example: initial sale offer, follow it up 5 minutes later with an OTO (“one time offer”) to upgrade to the next level of said product, and perhaps another OTO if they choose to buy the up-sale while sending them an alternative OTO if they chose not to take the first deal.

With a little up-front work using your autoresponder of choice will save you 10s if not 100s of hours a year simply communicating with the people on your list.