Profits Kit Launching January 30, 2019

Introducing Profits Kit! 

Profits Kit is a membership site that teaches users who are new to affiliate marketing the ins and outs.  We cover autoresponders, link trackers, website building and hosting, and a variety of traffic forms, including solo ads, safe lists, SEO, and Fiverr.  Read below for the affiliate details.

  • FREE

    We are offering a few free modules to users who may be on the fence about joining.  These are designed to gear the user up for the paid content.


    Our standard package for $12.95 opens up all of the modules in the Profits Kit training area.  This includes exclusive and original training content created specifically for members.  You will not find this training sold by anyone else.


    The Premium membership is is $19.95 and includes over 2 hours of exclusive and original video training content created specifically to supplement the Standard membership.  You will not find this training sold by anyone else.

  • eBook

    The $3.95 down-sale option is a complete copy of the text from the website in eBook form.  Created directly from content, it is exclusive and will not be found sold by other affiliate programs.

Why Promote Profits Kit?

  • It's Easy To Convert Great Products

    Affiliate Marketers often struggle to find a single source of knowledge.  That’s a problem we are trying to solve.  In one place, they’ll learn everything they need to know to hit the ground running.

  • Large and Growing Market

    New Affiliate Marketers come into the space every day.  Many don’t know where to start.  Guiding them to this winning product packed full of useful knowledge is a win-win for everyone.

  • Well Crafted Sales Funnel

    I’ve built this funnel to model some of the great selling products.  At each level, the amount of value the customer gets increases exponentially, while the increase in price from product to product should not be a deterrent to upgrade.  It’s simple, affordable, and great quality original content produced specifically, and only, for

  • Higher Conversions With Limited Time Offer

    We’ve built in higher price points for the products to give us the opportunity to increase the costs in the future.  This built-in “deal” can help to increase conversions, since nobody wants to miss out on a deal!

  • Beautifully Designed Site

    Not only is the website beautiful, but it is also very easy for members to navigate.  Everything is available in the menu, and the home page itself is simplistic yet elegant.

  • 50% Commissions

    We want as many affiliates as we can to partner with us to make this product a success.  For that reason, we are offering a 50% commission on every level of the funnel.  We’re partners, 50/50, whether you sell the Standard, Premium upsale, or the downsell eBook.  50/50.

The Funnel

Get Your Affiliate Link


I think this is all pretty straight forward.  We're set up through WarriorPlus for sales, the website is live for you to look at at, and this page should have all the info you need.  If you do have questions, you can reach me at admin [@] profitskit [dot] com.

-Corby Bender-