How To Make $1000 A Day On YouTube (As A Lazy 14-16 year old)

Welcome deadbeats!

In today’s post I will be looking at how 14-16 year old’s can make $1000 a day on YouTube.

No matter what age YOU ARE, YouTube can provide you with some extra money or even a full time income if that’s what you want….


Making money online can be for any age and any ability…

…However, some people think that they CAN’T MAKE MONEY, I’m not sure why that is… but they need to change their mindset and realise the potential of starting a business at a young age.

I got started when I was YOUNG AND THAT was one of the best decisions that I have made in my business journey…

…Today, I will be looking at how young teenagers can make some serious money online, Let’s begin!

This method is great for you lazy 14-16 years old looking to make money with YouTube…

…However, it will still work for all ages and one of the beautiful things about this method is you DON’T HAVE TO APPEAR on camera, awesome!

No one is going to know your age and you don’t need any advanced skills or “SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE” to make this work really well for you…

…Just have a good mindset and be willing to work, that is basically what it takes to make this method work well.


So, for the first example…

…This is a YouTube channel that I found recently, it was made just over a year ago and it’s already PULLING IN up to $1000 a day!

So, on day this channel received over 700,000 views and as you can imagine this has made them some nice cash… this niche get’s around 2-3$ per 1000 views… so you do the maths.

Some days they earn more and some days it’s less… but on average it’s about $1000 a day from YouTube adsense!

Now, I am not going to reveal this channel out of respect for the channel owner…

…BUT, further on in the post I will reveal the niche… SO MAKE SURE YOU READ ON for that, because I know you want to know (haha).

So, next I want to walk you through an example video from this niche and then go through some key information that you need to know.

REMEMBER… these aren’t hard to do and with some good work, you will be able to become successful!


Now, in the example you will notice that the video is very simple…

…It comprises of images and some text in a SLIDESHOW FASHION VIDEO and that basically is what it all entails.

One other thing to note is this – they range from about 2-4 minutes each in length and video length is quick important to keep the viewer engaged!

Now, there are secrets to make this work, so let’s dive in and have a look at some of the key secrets you need to know deadbeat…

Ok, so the first thing is…

…You need to make sure you do some research and PICK THE RIGHT MARKET to go into, like a lot of things online – proper research is key!

So, make sure to spend some time on this, because your results will depend on how well you execute your market pick and video topics.

Some examples of top markets include ;- money, health and self improvement.

toy-cash-register-2922214_640The reason why the above video channel work so well is…

…In their video’s they have VERY GOOD CONTENT and they bring a lot of value to the end user and viewer.

This is something you must do if your looking to make thousands of dollars a day from YouTube on a consistent and long term basis.

You can do similar video’s by using PowerPoint slides, which you will have to design and make.

When you create your slides make sure to have pictures and some good text…

…Then in the first couple of slides, YOU WANT TO HAVE you marketing hook, so that people will stay engaged and then stay on your video longer…making you more money!

Then in the middle section you can present the bulk of the value with tips and tricks… stuff like that.

Then at the end close them with either a product pitch or free book or simply to view the next video in the series… so you can make money from the views!


Also, at the end make sure to have a call to action…

…Like subscribe or view more videos. Personally I LIKE people going to my blog and then funnel them to make some money and put the video’s income even higher.

Then, when you have come up with the content and slides you NEED TO OUTSOURCE things like voiceovers and people who can bring it all together…

…So, that you have one awesome video that looks professional and also adds an immense amount of value!

Ok, so the channel that I used as a money example above is in health niche and they have done a lot of things right…

…such as keyword research and again they have amazing content. YOU CAN EITHER do it yourself or hire someone and they know exactly what the market wants and needs!

===> BONUS TIPS <===

===> CREATE the best value you can in your video’s…

===> Do proper keyword research and market research…

===> Work hard and be consistent…


Now, if you want to learn how to create similar things like this and become really good at affiliate marketing, then I highly recommend that you check out my FREE GUIDE that I have. You can access all the content and the guide by clicking here ===>


Thanks for tuning in… I am really pleased that you were able to view my blog… why don’t you check out all the other posts I have (I have a lot). See you next time…

Dan “the deadbeat” Brock.

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