GoDaddy introduces marketplace selling to its Online Store and welcomes Sellbrite


Launching a new product is hard, and among the challenges can be learning how to sell your product online. Competition is stiff, and breaking in a crowded market to find new clients can be challenging.

About half of all shoppers begin their search for new products on Amazon or other big marketplaces. Showing up on these marketplaces failing to get your idea off the ground can mean the difference between landing a client and, possibly.

New market selling features in GoDaddy Online Store allow small businesses easily sell products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy and manage their orders and inventory all from one place.

This is a game-changer for entrepreneurs everywhere.

GoDaddy Online Store + marketplace selling

With the launch of market selling, GoDaddy is making it easier than ever for Online Store clients to sell their products on Etsy — Amazon, eBay, top marketplaces, Walmart, Jet and more!

And with this launch, GoDaddy now provides the broadest set of market connections of any online shop builder (past Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Shopify) to help clients sell everywhere.

GoDaddy Marketplace Selling Add Marketplaces Online Store
GoDaddy Online Store customers can now easily list products on top marketplaces.

Sell wherever your customers shop

With marketplace selling in GoDaddy’s Online Store, it takes just minutes for a business owner to start selling their goods.

With a few clicks, customers can quickly publish products right from their online store directly to marketplaces.

Need to upgrade a price or an image? Make the change once and it automatically updates your marketplace listings across all .

With the marketplace selling feature of GoDaddy, you can make certain that potential customers always find product selection and the information .

And if you’re already selling on a market, it takes only a couple clicks so that you can sell directly to customers to sync stock and your orders back to your GoDaddy Online Store .

GoDaddy Marketplace Selling Create Listings Online Store
With only a couple of clicks, entrepreneurs can quickly print products in multiple online channels.

GoDaddy Marketplace Selling Amazon Product Page

Simplify inventory management

Needless to say, by selling your product in more 9, challenges can be created.

With orders coming in from many places, it can be tough to stay on top of your stock, knowing if you will need to construct or order more product or how much you have in stock.

Without accurate inventory tracking, you run the risk of leaving your customers frustrated by backordered items, overselling a product or shipping delays.

Marketplace selling with Online Store lets you quickly find all your orders in one place.

Your inventory syncs so you know how much is in stock if you sell through your online shop a marketplace, or in-person through a system.

Plus, once you ship an order, simply update the tracking information and Online Store will take care of submitting it to the marketplace.

This saves valuable time and provides exceptional service to your clients, so you can concentrate on growing the business or building your next big idea.

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GoDaddy Marketplace Selling Manage Orders Online Store
GoDaddy’s Online Store syncs orders and inventory in one area to help sellers stay on top of fulfillment.

GoDaddy Marketplace Selling Inventory Options Online Store

GoDaddy acquires Sellbrite, category leaders in helping market sellers succeed

In bringing these eCommerce capabilities that are new to GoDaddy customers, we’re also announcing the acquisition of Sellbrite.

Sellbrite is a selling service that helps customers list products on top marketplaces and shopping carts.

We have been working with Sellbrite for a partner for the past year and have been impressed capabilities and by their staff. Sellbrite has enabled thousands of orders and billions of dollars in sales on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and others and has been the marketplace application on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms for many years.

Along with integrating marketplaces Sellbrite will continue to support their product line and integrations.

Both teams share the same goal — to help everyday entrepreneurs market everywhere.

Sellbrite and GoDaddy have generated the leading online store and marketplaces product in the category by joining forces.

Going forward, we’ll be able to deliver innovative multi-channel selling capabilities to GoDaddy customers at a speed and scale that delivers”Wow!” Customer experiences and builds market direction.

Sellbrite is based in Pasadena, California, and led by Co-founder Brian Nolan and CEO and Co-founder Mike Ugino. Brian, Mike and their team of approximately 15 gurus across engineering, product, marketing and client success will be joining Commerce organization & GoDaddy’s Presence.

Welcome to the GoDaddy team — we’re excited you’re here!

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