Four Great Ways To Use Video Messaging That We Learned From 100+ Customer Stories


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So you have bought into the idea of video messaging (or you’re at least thinking about it.)
But now comes the challenging part.
It’s time for you to incorporate video into your business.

Sending those first few videos may feel daunting to a lot of us.
Many folks struggle figuring out when they ought to send a video, and what they need to say.

To help our customers work through the challenge of creating videos we wanted to enlist some experts.
But not just BombBomb employees, actual BombBomb users.

Video Messaging Tips From Actual Practitioners.

To collect this information, we asked our clients to send us their movie narrative . And stories not specific to how they are using BombBomb, but examples of how they are using video generally.

In this process we received 100+ client stories from a variety of different Industries. We heard various ways people are using video messaging.

In the webinar below, we go through four of our favorite entries. These testimonials aren’t only plugs on why each individual enjoys using BombBomb – in actuality, we actually tried to remove some of these comments ourselves.

Instead they are teaching moments. To all of the ways, each person speaks in these videos. Our professionals even let us use a movie example from their library, so that you can see precisely how they are tackling their video reach out.

Our professionals include…

  • Trey Woods – Owner of Hoboken Coffee in Guthrie, OK.
  • Brad Stoehr – MidAtlantic Regional Director at Horizon Investments. Brad is based out of North Carolina.
  • Enrique Braunschweiger – President and Loan Officer at First West Financial Corporation in La Quinta, CA
  • Katherine Wysocki – Internet Sales Manager – Volkswagen of Rochester in Rochester, NH

The moments we instruct to include…

  • The advantages of sending Gratitude Videos.
  • How to build relationships with people you’re unable to meet in person.
  • Connecting with business partners to promote referrals.
  • Employing the framework of”value, empathy, and call-to-action” in your followup.

Check out this quick 30 minute webinar below to learn more from our National Speaker, Alicia Berruti, our Content Marketing Manager, Alli Menor, along with Trey, Brad, Enrique and Katherine.

Want Additional Tips on What to Say in Your Video Messaging and How to Get Started On Camera?

We get it. Learning how to become confident in your video abilities
 doesn’t come easy to everyone.

 To help ease people into the idea of video and assist our customers create professional simple videos, we have created this PDF. In it, we handle the most frequent objections we hear from people that are intimidated by the process of using movie.

Even if you’re creating videos effortlessly, this guide may benefit you. It provides some tangible tips on lighting, planning out your articles, technical support, and more that will help you make your simple videos look great.   It includes four video email examples that are applicable to any industry.
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 We hope you enjoy!

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