Entrepreneurs and Work/Life Balance — The Struggle is Real

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With over 30.2 million small businesses in 2018 employing 58.9 million individuals across the United States, it is no wonder small companies are known as the lifeblood of the American economy. Whether you are running a small mom and pop ice cream store, or taking care of people’s car problems so they can get to work and child’s soccer games, entrepreneurs devote much of their time serving community and their customers.  

In a poll commissioned by GoDaddy, 500 small business owners provided valuable insights into their worries, as well as their attempts to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives.

When entrepreneurs aren’t working, they’re thinking about working

The survey revealed that entrepreneurs’ top concerns were earning money and attracting new customers, spending an average of 8 hours per week worrying about their business outside of working hours. That’s a whole 17 days a year to worrying dedicated. Over half of small business owners say they have difficulty switching off during their free time from work.  

The poll also found:

  • Small business owner says they lose four hours of free time every week to deal with business matters.
  • 41% of small business owners say they frequently get pulled away to deal with business matters when trying to take a break.
  • Only 36 percent of small business owners report that they generally have a somewhat healthy work/life equilibrium.

These numbers demonstrate that maintaining work/life balance is not a walk in the park for many entrepreneurs. In fact, half the respondents pointed to not having enough time and having work as the top things that get in the way.

However, entrepreneurs recognize the importance of enriching their lives. Sixty three percent of them say they spend some time taking care of themselves, by taking a holiday while a balance strikes. They emphasized the importance of scheduling private time as a priority.

Finding work-life balance is a constant battle

“Small business owners dedicate a huge portion of their lives taking care of business,” stated Melissa Schneider, GoDaddy’s VP of Global Marketing and trend expert. “Owning a business and trying to enjoy life outside work may be an especially tough balancing act. That GoDaddy is focused on arming entrepreneurs using an arsenal of tools that not only deliver results, but help them grow, start, and run their businesses efficiently. We consider this, in turn, helps them lead better, more fulfilling personal lives.”

The poll also delved into understanding the tools and suggestions that can help small business owners become more productive. One of the substantial insights derived from this study is entrepreneurs’ usage of their phone for business, revealing that close to 40% of small business owners spend a week taking care of business on the telephone.

1:1 conversations with clients are crucial for entrepreneurs

It’s no surprise that over half of small business owners consider how valuable 1:1 talks are for their business. In the end, this is an important way by which they can show professionalism to their clients:

  • 81% stress the importance of responding to customer inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • 71% strive to always be available/reachable to their clients during business hours.
  • 64% recognize the value of answering calls professionally.

Especially pertinent to answering calls professionally, the poll also revealed less than proper ways small business owners took business calls on their personal phone as they were unaware that call was for business.

40 percent of small business owners said understanding whether an incoming call is a business or personal call would be helpful in managing their productivity

Respondents shared that at one point one of them opened a call with,”hey baby,” while the other confessed to saying”hello” in a silly voice. Much worse, someone employed a”mean voice” because they thought it was a robocall. Along the same vein, the study found that 40% of small business owners stated knowing whether an incoming call is personal call or a business could assist in managing their productivity.

Separating Personal and Work Calls with SmartLine

GoDaddy’s SmartLine app allows users to differentiate business and personal calls by providing clients a second telephone number for their business on the smartphone they already have. In addition, with SmartLine small business owners can:

  • Make and receive calls using their business number to keep their private number private
  • set their business hours to receive calls through this window so they don’t receive calls during their personal time
  • send and receive texts and images out of their business number and watch all communications with a client in one place
  • install the app on their present smartphone — there’s no new equipment to purchase


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