Connecting with Customers by Exploring a Shared Belief


shared belief, shared value, customer relationship, customer experience, the customer experience podcast, Steve Pacinelli

shared belief, shared value, customer relationship, customer experience, the customer experience podcast, Steve Pacinelli

Whether you’re selling to a customer online or speaking before a live audience, communicating a shared belief joins us.

To dive into that concept, I spoke with Steve Pacinelli, the CMO at BombBomb, a speaker who’s delivered more than 1,000 online and in-person presentations, and co-author of this new publication Rehumanize Your Business: How Private Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience.

In this post, see the highlights of what we discussed – and listen to the conversation.

Going Inside BombBomb to Explore Customer Experience

The Client Experience Podcast is a weekly podcast that brings together marketing, sales, client success, customer support, branding, and customer experience professionals to discuss best practices for what I think is the single most important thing we produce and deliver for our clients … the experience.

In addition to the episodes released we also release one conversation with a part of the BombBomb staff ; this is the first of these episodes.

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Hear the conversation with Steve Pacinelli here …

Customer Experience as the Exploration of a Common Belief

One way to consider the customer experience is because the exploration of a shared belief.

In the prospect or “future customer” phase of the connection, the experience explores a potential shared belief. As a client, it’s the exploration and practice of an real shared belief.

The touch points throughout the entire life cycle All are part of that exploration, moving it backward or forward, based on the interactions that customers have with your company.

shared value, shared experience, customer experience, shared values, Steve Pacinelli, podcast

That belief ought to be clear in all of your marketing materials. It’s on your messaging. It’s in your ads. This ’s what you use to engage with your brand.

They want to explore your company concerning how they can be benefited by it. Does that salesperson share the exact same belief when they talk to a salesperson?

Does that convey the same message, If they look at your marketing material? They start using the product, and when they purchase your product, do they still have that belief? How well you do as a business and guide them together that exploration?

Do they think in what your product offers? Have you been doing a bad job or a good throughout the customer experience in getting them to understand the value that you’re offering?

Steve explains this notion he’s growing in this clip …

Help Your Customers Survive and Thrive with Simplicity

As humans, we are repelled by confusion and attracted to clarity. Our brains function in such a manner that they re working to make sure we survive and thrive.

Your brain consumes about 20% of your calories, even a share of calories burned despite being only 2% of your body fat. When the brain has to think too hard or you re hoping to make it jump through hoops what’s going to happen? Confusion.

It boils down to you can convey your product’s value proposition you help the customer solve problems. The faster you can communicate that, the more your customer is going to be drawn into that clarity.

BombBomb’s been revamping our website. People want to know what the heck you do, although we tried to get so fancy with it.

You will need to change your mindset and be forward and direct and straight, and that’s what people enjoy as you’re helping them save calories and survive and flourish.

This is applicable through every interaction your company has. They don ’ t want complications, if someone phones in with a problem. They want a quick answer that solves their problem.

Look at it the same way when you re hoping to sell your product online. Clients don’t need a fancy long response.

You would like to distill your message down to the absolute necessity that conveys the value and the problem that you overcome for your clients as quickly and easily as possible.

Click here to learn more about the StoryBrand framework that informs this view.

problem solving, selling, sales, Steve Pacinelli, BombBomb, The Customer Experience Podcast

Making Yourself Valuable to Your Audience

To give a excellent experience you will need to know who they are they’re there, and what they would like to learn. This can allow you to craft clearer and better messaging that will help them. Steve explains …

The majority of the time he’s selling a product when he gets or gets on the stage online to give a talk. But he doesn’t start with the premise of “how do I sell the products? ”

The question Steve asks himself is can I be of value to the audience that I’m talking to? ”

Once you identify the various factors, you can be of value. You can figure out where you can intertwine a product because it is helping them.

Understand your audience, solve a problem for them, and make that your goal for the presentation (even though what you really need to do is market a whole lot of products).

Steve Pacinelli, Realtor, Top Producer, BombBomb, speaker, speaking, speaking tip

Keep Your Audience Interested

It ’ s ok to be a bit unclear when you start your presentation. A narrative loop is opened up by being unclear, it catches them off guard.

You might want to start with a story that t seem like it relates to the topic. I get right into a story about my father ’ s touch and hop on stage, and I have my dad’s signature on the screen behind me.

And people think,”I came into a class about movie, why are we looking at his dad ’s signature?” It keeps people engaged, although is a tie-in there. It opens up a narrative loop for them and you’re different in the first few minutes than all the other presenters.

But once you do something like this you will need to tell them just what the presentation is going to be about and what they re going walk away from the presentation with. “I’m going to give you the four best ways that you can get people to open your email. Or I’m going to give you the five best ways of getting people to play your video.”

That also keeps them engaged throughout – going back to clarity.

“Here’s why these topics will benefit you and here’s what you’re going to be able to do after this presentation.” because they know the benefit right out of the gate that draws on them.

Then at the end you say,”Okay, here’s what I promised that we would do. Did we do this?” And it loop back around.

Another nice suggestion is to get some kind of interaction within the first several minutes. Because if you wait a half hour and try to get the audience to engage with you, it s going to be challenging.

But you told them a story, if you hit them off the bat or you started your presentation differently and then you got them to agree with you, right from the gate you got them to verbalize some responses.

And that will continue throughout the presentation. Every time starts paying attention again and they do something different, or they laugh, every time you switch topics, their mind hits restart.

After is the thing that people will remember, and after you get one of those moments, what you say right. So you strategically place those throughout.

Little Things That Make a Big Difference

We always close The Client Experience Podcast with the chance for the guest to mention a company which ’s delivering an fantastic experience to its customers.

Steve like boots, although it ’ s a little embarrassing to him to talk about it. Steve like sneakers but boots especially for some reason. Taft is an online direct to consumer company that provides an wonderful experience.

Sometimes when he buys a pair of boots or sneakers, he receives a nice note. It’s an wonderful feeling when you know that somebody sat down and wrote,”I hope you enjoy your new shoes. Let us know if you have any questions.” This ’s amazing.

But the reason Steve’s so obsessive about the brand and the company is their social media. All the time is come on by the founder. He shares his loved ones, his daughter comes in and they do these Instagram posts about how they choose the shoes and how they create the boots, and it’s all about the people at the company.

Because he s got a family too, it ’ s amazing for Steve to feel have that shared experience together and be invited into the story, and they’re building something special over here as well.

Taft‘s doing customer experience right.

This post is based on an interview with Steve Pacinelli, Chief Marketing Officer of BombBomb and co-author of Amazon’s #1 new release in Business Sales, Sales and Selling, Business Communication, Communication Skills, and other related classes, Rehumanize Your Organization .

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