My Bonuses

Below are the details about the bonuses I am providing if you buy from my affiliate link.  Thanks so much for visiting.

Modern Affiliate Marketing

12 videos, 58 minutes

Step-by-step training on the most modern affiliate marketing tactics available.  Learn exactly what you need to do to become a successful affiliate marketing superstar.

Affiliate Networking

Find out how you can instantly build a powerful team of affiliates that will promote every product you release! These are the surefire strategies used by the pros! Learn exactly what you need to do before you contact affiliates and influencers to guarantee they sign up to promote your product launch!

Find out how you can find super affiliates and thought leaders using just a couple of FREE powerful networking resources that will put you in direct contact with the top marketers in your niche!

Discover the easy way of launching your affiliates into action! Find out how you can keep them focused and motivated so they continue to drive in quality traffic AND sales 24 hours a day! And much more - all within this special report with over 40 pages of rock-solid content!

Internet Marketing Mega Pack

A full 10-book set of affiliate and internet marketing information.  There is something to learn in this pack for everyone.  All 10, one download.  Nice and easy.  You'll be reading for hours and soaking up a ton of useful knowledge to help make you more successful.

How To Convert

1 video, 39 minutes

Turning a visitor into a buyer requires a carefully planned scenario that raises impulse from zero to the point of purchase over a short period of time. This carefully planned scenario starts long before they hit the sales page. I’m gonna say that again—the online selling starts long before they hit the sales page. We’re going to talk a little bit more about this in the slides to come, and that is because you really want to be put in your sales page in a position to have been pre-sold. Your product has been pre-sold through the marketing and the raising awareness and the buzz building before that sales page even goes live on the internet.

Wordpress Plugins 24 Pack