3 Ways retailers can keep their customers amid the retail storm

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customer loyaltyConsumers have various opportunities and options available at their fingertips when shopping online. Retailers have made it more easy to make spontaneous purchases with advancements like stores and one-click buying. The fast buy environment makes it more difficult than ever for retailers to maintain customer loyalty, but there are three things that retail marketers can do to make certain your customers don’t lose sight of your brand while getting swept up in today’s digital shopping storm.

1. Know who your customers are

The first step in establishing customer loyalty is being able to properly identify who your clients are. This has become more challenging now than ever consumers have. Consumers can surf online or do things the old-fashioned manner and go to your shop. Each of these options creates a new data point and electronic footprint. Each gives us an opportunity, although these data points can produce more confusion. If brands can join the collection of touchpoints and identify people, they have a more meaningful conversation and can make the marketing decisions that are ideal the next time a customer browses shops or the net in store. Have a look at our video to learn more.

2. Create personalized experiences

Clients have come to expect experiences and seamless from the brands that they socialize with. By understanding your customers’ needs and delivering what they need , you are not only helping to bring in additional revenue but you are building a relationship and keeping the customer shopping with you. By way of instance, if there was a home furnishing store able to identify that their dining room was being renovated by a client they could start promoting options for a dining room table or an accompanying hutch. Retailers will need to enrich the information they hold in customer records using external data to help explain your target’s demographics or firmographics, attitudes and needs, behaviors and lifestyles, and any other preferences. Once you can use that info to personalize and know everything you can about your customer, you need a method to them to message. This can be done on your own website, direct mail, email marketing, addressable TV or digital screen with custom landing pages on social networking platforms and advertising networks. By using data and insights to help brands socialize with people in ways, retailers can offer.

3. Close the gap between marketing and sales

With your customers researching and transacting in numerous locations or stations on multiple devices, it’s become harder to measure the impact your marketing campaign has on the final sale. Retail marketers will need to have the ability to measure advertising effectiveness based on retention, acquisition, awareness and loyalty. Measurement permits you to link purchase data. Meaning you can determine the online and offline sales effectiveness of your campaigns that are addressable. Have a look at our video to find out more.

Customer loyalty is up against today shopping storm. However, organizations that are innovative are focusing on using analytics and data to help employees understand consumers better. Providing them with information makes their interactions with future and current customers more effective and more likely to return to the site. Using information to provide more personalized experiences, Having the ability to identify your customers, and measuring the success of your campaigns can help to make sure customers keep coming back.

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