What We Do

Having spent too much time on useless garbage in the affiliate marketing world, we’ve put together a straight-forward mechanism for you to learn about making money online. Everything is included, from step-by-step how-to’s in our Standard membership to over-the-shoulder training videos for Premium members made to go along with those modules. You get to learn from my mistakes and successes and get off on THE RIGHT FOOT from day 1.

ProfitsKit.com will be of most benefit to people who are new or somewhat new to affiliate marketing. If you’ve ever wondered, where to get traffic, how to do SEO, what’s the point of blogging, why do I need an autoresponder or link tracker, or what’s a funnel and how do I use it, then this is for you. If you are already a successful profit making marketer, this likely is not for you. This is NOT a magic bullet. It is not a solution to all of your problems, and it is not a make money fast scheme. This is from the ground up training. By the end of this course, you will not only know how all this stuff works, but will have an autoresponder, link tracker and website. You’ll be able to populate it with affiliate offers more than 10 affiliate networks, and you’ll know how to do SEO right. And you’ll be able to get traffic from a variety of sources, from free to paid.

ProfitsKit.com is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I started out. I just never found it. I bought this, and that, and spent too much money on too much crap. Why can’t somebody just tell me what an autoresponder does? Why can’t somebody just show me how to do SEO on an offer page? Why can’t somebody explain how to find offers, and once I do, how do I get them somewhere where people can see? And where do I find those people?!? If this is you, then you are me…and ProfitsKit.com should help you better grasp concepts and show you how to execute.

Some Fun Facts
Easy To Follow Modules (Standard & Premium Members)
120 +
minutes of Video Training (Premium Members)
40 +
Resources: eBooks and plugins
10 +
Additional Training Video Series